Rebecca’s passion for design and culture began as a child, as she visited art museums and galleries with her mother, an art historian. Her exposure to interiors and fine art sparked a passion for exploring the ways that shape, texture, color and composition evoke an emotional experience. This interest in aesthetics and design led her to earn a BFA at Chicago’s International Academy of Design and Technology.

In 2001, Rebecca founded GOGO Design Group to serve residential design clients in the Chicago area and throughout the Midwest. Rather than being recognized for a particular design style, she is known for designing spaces that are uniquely tailored to each homeowner’s preferences and daily lifestyle, resulting in rich, layered spaces that will embolden, energize and delight them for years to come.

With honesty, integrity and trust at the core of how GOGO Design Group operates, Rebecca provides valuable insight, design expertise and personal attention as the unique vision for each client’s home is brought to life.

Rebecca speaks often on design-related topics at consumer education events and B2B design/build conferences. Her work has been featured in Chicago Tribune Magazine, Design Chicago, and on Houzz and

Business description

GOGO design group provides interior design services to support any size transformation that you would like to achieve. Whether it is picking out paint colors for one or more rooms, purchasing furniture and accessories to freshen up your living space, remodeling a bathroom, or creating a new home from scratch, we offer the expertise and tools to help bring your vision to life.

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