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Duane Draughon

Outdoor Living Design is his passion! Duane Draughon is both the owner and lead designer of VizX Design Studios, an Outdoor Living Design firm that adds a “modern design style” to all projects. Duane has catapulted VizX Design Studios onto the national stage with his cutting-edge outdoor living designs, which are nothing less than breathtaking. His style is unique, and finished 3D renderings are eye-catching. With over 20 years of Outdoor Living Design experience, Duane is certainly not new to this industry. He began designing in 1998 while working as an apprentice with a local landscape design firm in Columbus, OH. After working with Talk Landscape Design for a few years, he knew it was time to branch out and start his very own outdoor living construction company called PaverStone Design Group. Winning multiple awards and being noticed by local & national publications, Duane planted a firm stake in the ground for being a leader in the Outdoor Living industry. Duane and his team grew PaverStone Design Group from an initial investment of a mere $18.00 into a company totaling 6.2 million dollars in sales during the nine years of business. The design was the key factor in his company’s success. While running his own construction company, clients were always intrigued by his unique and cutting-edge design style. During this time, Duane decided to start presenting his designs in 3D so clients could better understand what his concepts were all about. The birth of 3D technology meant the birth of VizX Design Studios. Since then, the phones started ringing from prospects across the United States. He found a way to capture the client base by starting VizX Design Studios. He found that his clients weren’t only interested in the design, but also wanted to see what they were ultimately buying before the project even started. After a few years of testing the business model, Duane took a huge risk of closing his construction company and moving to Chicago, IL to pursue his dream of running an Outdoor Living Design Firm. Due to heavy travel and having a family of five, he found that Chicago was the perfect location as it provided him the ability to fly in and out of the city, sometimes on the same day. Duane’s background is in Engineering and Architectural drafting, plus additional course work during his time in the United States Marine Corps. The bulk of his design experience has been obtained by years of owning his own construction firm and traveling the country to seminars as well as completing elective course work. His resume boasts a multitude of exposure in numerous publications as well as media outlets, including CNN, Inc. Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and other local newspapers and magazines. Outdoor Living is what Duane loves, so he thoroughly enjoys having the opportunity to speak to others about his passion. Both Joshua Gillow and Duane are also the co-hosts of "The Outerspaces", a podcast dedicated to empowering contractors in the outdoor living space.
Business description
VizX Design Studios is a full-service outdoor living design firm. Our unique focus is sensitivity and functionality. We blend the interior out to the exterior while using the necessary materials and architectural styles to rival any home. Our designs are fresh, modern, and full of excitement. What makes us unique is, we are not a landscape company, deck, or patio builder. We are an outdoor living design firm. Our 3D design approach can help you understand any aspect of the project before it's started. From barebone concept to the final details of furniture and lighting, our process is a breath of fresh air. This process is why we are the experts when it comes to outdoor living design and construction. All of the elements matter from the environment, pavement materials, to furniture. When your approach to outdoor living means more to you, VizX Design Studio is the right firm to design and execute your new modern outdoor living space from our design team to our installers.
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