Curtis Searles

With over 15 years in the lighting and construction industry, Curtis Searles is one of the owners of Illuminated Design. Curtis also specializes in the technical side of the business, and oversees the implementation of these high-efficacy fixtures (we consider him our “LED Expert / Tech Guru”). Curtis has made it his mission to keep up with the latest emerging lighting technologies, specializing in finding “the right product for the right application”. Working closely with Lynne on every project, the synergy of their combined skills and experience has allowed them to become an extremely effective lighting design team. Curtis enjoys the challenge of his work and is very excited about the overall effects lighting has on interior spaces. “The emergence of Light Emitting Diodes has been the biggest breakthrough in our industry presumably since the invention of the original Edison light bulb itself. In the beginning, LED lighting was almost exclusively used for automotive industry and in electrical appliances, but it has now moved into the mainstream for residential and commercial spaces. There are so many unique and creative energy-efficient products available on the market, with many more exciting new conceptual designs currently in development. Incorporating this new solid-state technology into high-end homes is certainly the most rewarding aspect of my lighting career at this point”. Curtis is also a very active member of the Interior Design Society, and supports the lighting industry in various other ways.
Business description
Illuminated Design is a boutique lighting design consulting firm located in Naples, Florida. The Illuminated Design mission is offering a highly educational experience, disseminating the latest information on LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology and creative design services to its clients. These clients include the homeowner, the trade (architects, landscape architects, and interior designers), industry partners (general contractors, electrical contractors, cabinet purveyors, and stone fabricators). Our goal is to knowledgeably, and in an educational manner, inform our clients and partners about cutting-edge lighting technology and to explore the endless design possibilities available that allow us to merge technology and design with user-friendly solutions.
Additional details
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