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Catherine Burghardt

Purchasing Experts The constant and never-ending quest for the finest natural stone products available is the common goal of all those who call Global Granite & Marble® home. All of us - from warehouse personnel to designers, sales reps, and customers - are constantly seeking input to realize the latest trends in design applications for natural stone. Many times, we are instrumental in setting the trend for new uses of stone based on ideas gathered from our extensive travels. Our Purchasing team regularly travels to such places as Spain, Italy, Brazil, India, and China to personally select the materials we will offer to our customers. Believe it or not, the procurement of natural stone from around the world is not as glamorous as it sounds. However, we are true “Rock Hounds” and would much rather be four-wheeling up the side of a slippery dirt road in a remote part of Brazil than basking in the sun on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Finding a new quarry of beautiful material is what we love to do and we feel that this is reflected in the quality of product that Global® supplies. We carefully select the companies we work with in order to make sure that they are providing a quality and safe working environment for their employees, utilizing the latest in cutting and polishing technology, and adhering to the strict local environmental regulations for water recycling, soil erosion prevention, and remediation of the land when the quarrying process is finished. The purchasing process is truly a team effort at Global®. We try to involve all our staff in various aspects of the procurement process. The purchasing team regularly travels with staff designers and sometimes even customers to have a well-balanced opinion on new materials being considered. All this effort helps ensure that the natural stone materials you see in Global’s® showrooms and warehouses are the very finest that the world has to offer.
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At Global Granite & Marble® we value integrity in all our relationships and are committed to offering a superior selection of top quality products from around the world at competitive prices. We strive to educate the industry and form lasting relationships with our customers while providing superior customer service and competitive prices. Global Granite & Marble® employees enjoy a safe, fun, and family oriented atmosphere. Global Granite & Marble® will continue to explore new opportunities for growth, search for new product lines and service new territories.
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