Bob Spoerl

President & PR Lead Bob puts the O in outreach. Whether it is communicating with clients or talking to reporters, he is the PRo for our clients. With a knack for getting clients in the news and a passion for helping the underdog win, Bob has helped clients land coverage on/in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNBC, Fox Business, and the Chicago Tribune to name a few. His professional background is focused on B2B clients working in a variety of sectors: from tech startups to healthcare to restaurants and retail concepts. He holds degrees in journalism from Northwestern University and English and Philosophy from Loyola University Chicago. When he’s not busy turning clients into sources, he’s probably spending time with his wife and two kids.
Business description
In 2016, Bob Spoerl and two of his good friends from Northwestern University came together to launch Bear Icebox because they had grown disillusioned with the impersonal nature of public relations. They believed that public relations needed to foster a more familial and less corporate culture to produce the best results for their clients. Over the years, much has changed at Bear Icebox, but our familial philosophy and great results have never changed. We are a diverse team of professionals with a wide range of experience representing established and emerging concepts. Our team has helped businesses grow at all levels of growth and development. We have helped brands position themselves for hyper-growth and acquisition including early phase investments, major fundraising rounds, and successful sales to multi-billion dollar companies. We also excel at helping mid-size companies and legacy brands build awareness that helps drive lead generation and revenue growth. We know media well and we know the kinds of stories that sell. On the content side, our team consists of trained journalists and writers. We also have talented creatives and writers on our team, which allows us to develop unique integrated campaigns for our clients quickly and efficiently.
Additional details
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