Director of Sales Midwest

Alexandra Yeager


Passion for Kitchens

Business description

Inspired by a desire to find real solutions to problems that had existed for years in the way kitchens worked (or didn’t work), The Galley was invented by an award-winning kitchen designer whose vision was to create a better way to work within the kitchen. Our story started there. He put the very first Galley Workstation® in his own home.

Today, The Galley offers an expansive line of super-functional, smart, and stylish Ideal Workstations, WashStations™, Work&WashStations™, BarStations®, and Custom Workstations where one can prepare, cook, serve, entertain, and wash in one central location. Highly engineered and hand-crafted in the USA, with an unbridled commitment to the highest standards of quality and service, The Galley is now leading the kitchen industry in innovation, function, and just pure fun.

The Galley also offers a beautiful line of kitchen faucets we call The Galley Tap®, and a stunning line of culinary kitchen furniture, known as The Galley Dresser®, both specifically designed to function perfectly with The Galley Workstation.

Bringing friends and families together at mealtime by making life in the kitchen more enjoyable, more efficient and more fun is our mission. We call it The Galley Lifestyle. Galley owners tell us all the time that they can’t imagine ever having another kitchen without their Galley(s). We hope you will consider becoming part of the ever-growing Galley family.

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